20 November, 2019

Best Mattress Malaysia – Top 10 Mattress Brands in Malaysia

Are You Looking to Find Best Mattress Malaysia? Here You Find Top 10 Mattress Brands in Malaysia. 

A Mattress Reviews offers the most comprehensive collection of mattress information anyplace on the web. To be able to remain unbiased, we have collected, reviewed, and confirmed over client and owner experiences from tens of thousands of personal sources. Our ratings reveal this information, and we are continuously updating our info so as to bring you the most current facts about today’s sleep products.

Top 10 Mattress Brands in Malaysia

Mattress Brand in Malaysia Reviews
1) Sonno Mattress Malaysia *****
2) Sealy Mattress Malaysia *****
3) SweetDream Mattress Malaysia *****
4) GETHA Mattress Malaysia *****
5) Goodnite Mattress Malaysia *****
6) Mylatex Mattress Malaysia *****
7) Slumberland Mattress Malaysia *****
8) King Koil Mattress Malaysia *****
9) Dreamland Mattress Malaysia *****
10) DORMA Mattress Malaysia *****

1) Sonno Mattress Malaysia


Sonno is a brand which has been around for some time. Nevertheless, they simply launched a brand new web site, sonnobed.com where one can buy their latest offering, the Sonno Bed. It is a flippable mattress where each side will give you a different level of stability dependant upon your own preference. With this review, I received the medium/firm option.  Provides Uncompromising Comfort, Bounce & Breathability. Free 100 Nights Trial. Visit Our Showroom. Free Delivery & Return. 10 Years Warranty. Temperature Control. Instalments Payment.

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Online Purchase Link : sleepsonno.com | FB: sleepsonno | IG: @sleepsonno

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2) Sealy Mattress Malaysia

Sealy only made their presence in Kuala Lumpur in 2002, the American mattress brand has already been around for over 130 years. The brand is reputable for their meticulously-researched quality mattresses designed to provide long-lasting comfort, support and durability. Sealy is the best mattress & beds store in Malaysia that take care of your health for you to have a good night sleep with our quality-assured bed mattress.

Online Purchase Link : sealy.com.my | FB: SealyMalaysia | IG: @sealymalaysiaofficial

3) SweetDream Mattress Malaysia

weetDream carries different kinds of mattresses ranging from spring mattresses to foldable mattresses. They are also known for incorporating various sleep technology such as Technogel®, a soft solid material made from 100% odourless and non-toxic polyurethane substance.  Comfort made easy, dreaming made easier. With all the features of a durable, firm mattress only differing in its quality production methods, the Dream series put superiority into simplicity. Leave your worries behind when you hop on to a sleep guaranteed to have you dreaming for more.

Online Purchase Link : sealy.com.my | FB: SealyMalaysia | IG: @sealymalaysiaofficial

4) GETHA Mattress Malaysia

Getha is a renowned mattress brand that needs no introduction. And proudly made in Malaysia as well. The brand is popularly known for their world-class quality mattresses that utilise only the best 100% Malaysian natural latex. All products are proudly manufactured using 100% pure natural, high-quality latex from only Malaysia which is renowned for its world-class quality.

Online Purchase Link : getha.com.my | FB: GethaBedding | IG: @gethabedding

5) Goodnite Mattress Malaysia

Goodnite is no doubt one of the most recognisable local brands in the mattress industry. Over the years since their establishment in 1989, they have won numerous accolades such as The National Mark of Malaysian Brand in 2011 and Global Branding Award in 2015. Goodnite is a supplier and wholesaler of latex mattress, pocket spring mattress, spinal care mattress and various kind of beds and mattresses.

Online Purchase Link : goodnite.com.my | FB: MyGoodnite | IG: @goodnite_malaysia

6) Mylatex Mattress Malaysia

mylatex is another local mattress brand that proudly uses 100% natural Malaysian rubber material. Each mattress is rigorously tested and developed, ensuring the utmost quality standards are met in accordance with SIRIM and ECO UmweltInstitute of Germany. In fact, they are the only mattress manufacturer in Malaysia to receive the prestigious SIRIM certificate every year since 1991. mylatex’s range of natural latex mattresses is all environmentally-friendly, making your sleep safe and hygienic. 

Online Purchase Link : myaerofoam.com/en/collections/mylatex | FB: MyLatexMalaysia

7) Slumberland Mattress Malaysia

Slumberland has a long history of producing quality mattresses since their established in England in 1919. They are also internationally renowned for their Posture Springing® and Pocketed Posture Springing System® range of mattresses.

Online Purchase Link : slumberland.com.my | FB: slumberlandmalaysia

8) King Koil Mattress Malaysia

King Koil made its presence in 1983 and has since established as one of most renowned mattress brands both locally and internationally. Besides, they are proudly known as “The World’s Best Hotel Bed” where King Koil mattresses are a favourite choice among the likes of Hard Rock, Hilton and JW Marriott hotel groups. The King Koil mattresses are all made from 5-zone contour quilted foam materials with deep quilted covers for sleeping comfort. 

Online Purchase Link : kingkoil.com.my | FB: KingKoilMalaysia | IG: @king_koilmalaysia

9) Dreamland Mattress Malaysia

Dreamland is reputed as the only mattress brand in Malaysia that produce their own foam, polyester fibres and spring coils. They are also known for introducing the world-renowned Miracoil Spring Technology, which is specially designed to provide maximum back support and comfort for every sleeper.

Online Purchase Link : dreamland.com.my | FB: DreamlandMalaysia

10) DORMA Mattress Malaysia

Dorma offers high-quality beddings and mattresses since their inception in 1921. Their range of mattresses are made from natural latex material with an individual pocketed spring system. It gives the optimum spinal support you need to sleep comfortably anytime.

Online Purchase Link : dorma.com | FB: dorma.my

There are two options below depending upon how far along you’re on your mattress search: a listing of the recommended options and also our full mattress database. For our readers which are ready to pull the trigger, we had listed what owners and our own testing team believe to be terrific choices for most sleepers on the mattress kinds and sleeper classes. 

For all those sleepers just starting their research or those that are looking to dig deeper, our database/comparison tool allows you compare models from over 100 mattress brands based on price, functionality, along with other factors and discover the most up-to date deals available only for A Mattress Reviews readers. As mentioned previously, for all those readers that are looking to best mattress options based on classes, below is where you will find them. We have organized them by mattress type and contained our editors pickbest value and best luxury. The Way to Use Our Mattress Database. Use our personal mattress reviews and guides to learn about different mattress types and suitable options based on your physique and sleep preferences. 

Our guides also have details about mattress shipping and delivery, sleep tests, guarantees, along with other important purchasing details. Determine an optimal range of prices based on your mattress personal preferences and personal budget. Check out our research methodology page at understand how sleep ratings of products are calculated. Use the Mattress Comparison Tool to find the mattress of your dreams. Our database consists of exclusive deals and discount rates to assist you conserve money on your new mattress. Contact us if you’ve any questions, we are here to assist night and day. A Few Tips. Never assume a particular mattress brand or model is going to be your smartest choice based on marketing or advertising materials. 

We encourage clients to research mattress components, read product specifications, and test different models so as to find their most appropriate option. Our ratings are based on the consensus of clients, owners, and our testing procedure. Simply as a mattress has received favorable feedback and positive reviews does not mean it’ll be the best mattress for you. Use our ratings to direct your search, but pay attention to your very own personal preferences before making a last decision. The normal mattress requires a 30 nighttime break-in period before it is going to achieve its full comfort and encourage potential. Most mattress brands provide sleep trials that enable clients to test the bed for a certain period and return it before the end of the trial if they aren’t happy. Sleep tests can be very useful for clients who’ve not settled on a specific model.

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