20 November, 2019

Best Mattress

Best Mattress 2019: THE Best Top 5 & Worst Top 5 Mattresses

best mattress

Year in, year out, new mattresses equipped with the latest technologies and features are rolled out by different brands. Without mattress reviews, you might get confused trying to identify the best beds from the duds. 

These mattress reviews give an in-depth analysis of the most comfortable beds and the ones to avoid. 

So, if you are looking to buy a new mattress this season, here are some of the best ones out there!

Amerisleep AS3 Mattress

The Amerisleep AS3 Mattress is undoubtedly the bed mattress in 2019, and there are several reasons for this assertion.  

First, the Amerisleep is unequalled when it comes to customer satisfaction – 99% of their customers rate it three stars or more. The features are top-notch as well. 

Amerisleep uses the Bio-Pur memory foam – which is derived from soybeans – for all their mattresses, including the AS3. Most of the other memory foams are petroleum-based products. The A3 memory foam structure also allows air to flow through it, which makes you more cool and comfortable. Also, you don’t feel stuck when you move during the night as the foam is responsive. 

They also use a fabric called Celliant in their mattress cover, which according to the FDA, promotes sleep. Also, in a clinical test conducted by the University of California, people who slept on Celliant-based fabric fell faster by 15 minutes. Sleep efficiency also increased by 2.6%.

Amerisleep backs the impressive features of the AS3 with outstanding customer support. You hardly get that combination anywhere; hence their choice as the top pick in this best top mattress reviews. Sealy Optimum Inspiration Gold

Sealy Optimum Inspiration Gold

The Sealy Optimum Inspiration Gold also makes the cut in this top best mattress reviews in 2019. The most popular in the optimum mattress line, the inspiration gold uses gel-infused foams in each layer. Most brands, however, use just a single gel layer. 

The inspiration gold mattress is very soft and plush, and conforms to your shape as you lay down on it. It is also cooler as it fitted with OUTLAST® Gold Material, which is 12 more effective at removing heat. The combination of the gel layers and outlast also ensures you feel cool throughout your sleep. 

Simmons Beautyrest Black Ice Phoebe 13″ Plush Mattress

The Black Ice Phoebe is one the best from the top bed brand – Simmons. It is a memory foam mattress just perfect for side sleepers. Equipped with the black ice memory foam and a breathable get, the Beautyrest black Ice mattress is one with high cooling capabilities. 

It also uses the unique triple branded advanced pocketed coil technology as its support base, offering incredible bounce isolation. With its dynamic response foam, the black ice phoebe provides high responsive support. Another exciting feature is its Aircool gel memory foam that relieves pressure. 

Overall, the Simmons Beautyrest Black Ice Phoebe 13″ Plush Mattress has excellent comfort, support, and cooling technologies to make it worth your money. 

Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze

One in a series of seven bestsellers, the Breeze line mattresses are equipped with added technologies for maximum comfort. The Supreme Breeze is a mid-range mattress in a series that ranges from soft to firm mattresses. On the brand’s website, it has excellent mattress reviews with 4.5 stars out of 5. 

The Supreme Breeze, like others in the line, comes with patented TEMPUR foam that enhances cooling and comfort. In addition to layers of TEMPUR materials present in all Cloud Supreme beds, the Supreme Breeze has an additional layer of Pure Cool Technology for extra cooling comfort. 

Although it has a slightly higher price than others in the series, the Supreme Breeze has recorded fewer complaints of heat. 

BedInABox Tranquility Gel

The BedInABox tranquility is another mid-range bed in a series, and is also the most popular in the line. 

It features a cover fabric that contains TENCEL®, which is made from eucalyptus. The gel infused memory foam also has an open-cell structure that allows the flow of air. The gel acts as a heat sink to dissipate heat from your body while sleeping, and enhances support without losing conformability. 

At 3.0lbs, the BedInABox Tranquility Gel uses a lower memory bed than others in the same price range. 

We picked this mattress last on our list of mattress reviews because the BedInABox has received complaints of heat retention and odor. Also, customers dislike the brand’s return policy, which requires them to keep the bed for 60 days before it can be returned. 

Top Five Worst Mattress Types 

We have noticed some common trends from various review websites such as Sleep Like The Dead and others who accumulate consumer data. With lots of information on what people tend to like and dislike about beds, we bring you the trends to avoid when shopping for mattresses.

Super Cheap Beds 

These kinds of beds are generally to be avoided as they usually have the lowest ratings. Durability and comfort are also an issue. Although the convenience might be just fine initially, the material tends to fail quickly.

Promotional Mattresses 

To many customers, the price of promotional beds might be very low and tempting. However, the materials are usually of the lowest quality. Most of these beds also have zero warranty and return policy. 

Thin Mattress 

Thin mattresses are synonymous with low comfort and provide little support and cushion for your body. They also pose problems if you have extra weight or sleep on your side. 

Brands with No Return/Exchange Policy

Mattresses with no return or exchange policy in place can’t be trusted. These policies, to an extent, show a certain level of confidences on the brand’s part. If such brands aren’t confident about their product, then you shouldn’t too.  

Hot Memory Foam 

Memory foams have a higher rate of complaint compared to others. However, manufacturers have tried to reduce the hotness of high-density memory foams by using gel.  

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